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Sitehound's Business Systems Integration is here to make sure your business stays on top of all the new technologies that come out in our ever-changing world. While we specialize in many different types of tech, our APIs will allow you to exchange data with other systems and assist you with reconciling any differences between them.

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No Code Configurations

No Code Configurations

Use Configurator to modify our out of the box solution - add fields, changes names, drag-and-drop

Rules Driven Automations

Rules Driven Automations

Use Triggers to adapt quickly to business data needs. Configure automated workflows.

Enterprise Scalability

Enterprise Scalability

Configure Connectors to work with auto-scaling hosting infrastructures, such as Azure.

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reconcile your financial systems.

Financial systems record the initial purchase, receipt, and location. For a capitalized item, once it is in use, it begins its depreciation. Property taxes and depreciation typically remain fixed regardless of what happens to the item over the course of its lifecycle. Over time, the item may be repaired, replaced, or disposed. Financial records quickly become out of synch with the truth. Integrating business systems to our software allows you to keep these other systems up to date so that your financial reports are as accurate as possible.

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Translate, Reconcile & Connect.

When warehouses or receiving locations perform the initial receipt, they rarely open the box and record the serial or part manufacturer numbers. Yet once the item is deployed, these critical pieces of information must be tracked in order to properly serve those that need it most. For this purpose, different words are used to describe an item depending on its location. For example, in the warehouse they may call it Part Manufacturer Numbers, while in finance they call it Item Master Numbers.

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